Vauxhall Cascada Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs

Vauxhall Cascada Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs

Cayman Auto Services specialise in convertible Vauxhall Cascada roof repairs. The Vauxhall Cascada Convertible is an elegant fast opening soft top. The Vauxhall Cascada has developed problems with its convertible folding roof system.

Customers have found that Dealerships are unable to resolve and diagnose accurately the malfunction, ending up with costly ineffective Vauxhall Cascada Roof Repairs

Why use us for your Vauxhall Cascada roof repairs?

Cayman specialise in solving Vauxhall Cascada convertible roof repairs.

Discounted rates

We diagnose and repair faults accurately, at a considerably discounted rate in comparison to Vauxhall dealerships

Knowledge and expertise

We have dedicated our knowledge and expertise to the convertible roof system and fully understand every Vauxhall soft top, hard top and convertible model

High quality equipment

We have the highest quality equipment to ensure your Vauxhall Cascada is looked after correctly and maintained to the highest standards

Accurate, efficient diagnosis

We emphasise on accurate diagnosis and efficient and thorough repairs using the latest technology and diagnostic equipment

1 year warranty

We guarantee our repairs with the minimum of a 1 year warranty

All roof faults serviced

We service a full range of faults, simply let us know in the contact form or give us a call

Common Vauxhall Cascada soft top and convertible roof problems

  • Boot lid catch does not release or you are unable to access boot area
  • Cabriolet not operating fully through cycle or stops halfway
  • Convertible roof is stuck open/shut
  • Roof requires recalibration or roof reset
  • Position sensor fault

  • Alignment issues with roof frame
  • Cabriolet is slow to operate
  • Chime alarm sounds when driving warning the roof is not shut down and locked correctly
  • Convertible Hood not operating correctly
  • Diagnosed roof motor/pump failure
  • Drains blocked – water may damage motor
  • ECU for cabriolet has failed
  • Hydraulic leaks or hydraulic pump failure
  • Leaking roof rams
  • Leaking roof hoses
  • Noisy roof operation
  • Soft top only works in one direction
  • Soft top warning light flashing
  • Tonneau not lifting correctly
  • Tonneau snags through operation
  • Warning light on dash advising problem with Hood
  • Water ingress to cabin or boot area
  • Windows not dropping when lowering convertible roof

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Which Vauxhall models do we cater for? –

  • Vauxhall Astra G Convertible
  • Vauxhall Astra Twin Top
  • Vauxhall Astra H TinTop
  • Vauxhall Cascada
  • Vauxhall Tigra

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